Who we are:

  • Experienced technical team with buy and sell side background.
  • Well resourced to take up wide range of projects from small (1-2 weeks) to large (6 months +)
  • Team in NYC that can be onsite to assess projects, coordinate requirements gathering and delivery, provide training and support.
  • Additional off-shore team providing software development resources and remote support.
  • The 2 teams are well integrated and have been working together for 9+ years.
  • We have processes around data and intellectual property security.

Where we can help you:

  • No matter the size of internal technology team, the book of work is always longer than resources allow for.
  • There are often projects that get pushed out and never get attention due to resource constraints.
  • Hiring additional full time staff is not always cost effective
  • We can help with the above. We can alleviate pressure and burden on internal tech teams and let them focus on most critical tasks.
  • We guarantee highest quality of service.
  • Some examples of we can be helpful:
    • Assess business continuity plans and produce report with recommended plan of action
    • Build various reports (compliance, filings, reconciliation)
    • Help you with managing cybersecurity posture. We have working relationships with vendors and help coordinate infrastructure assessments, pen tests, addressing critical vulnerabilities.
    • Any software development work, big or small.
    • Help you with data organization, modeling and access.

How we work:

  • Someone from our team will meet with you onsite to discuss projects we can help you with.
  • Start with small ones to assess our capabilities and allow us to prove ourselves
  • We will assign a project manager that will coordinate all phases of the projects. Project manager will be available onsite (as needed).
  • We will ask of you for point person both on business (requirements, demos and delivery) and technical (coordinate access, understand internal systems and workflows as needed) side.
  • Work with business stake holder throughout the project duration, demo work in progress at defined check points and at completion.
  • We can continue to provide support on ongoing basis or hand off our work to your internal technology teams
  • We are mindful of your data and IP security concerns and will work with on protocols that will be acceptable to your firm.